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Deciphering Grain Grades

Frustration regarding grain standards is on the rise. Although the Canadian Grain Commission claims that they try to equally apply grading standards from year to year, a number of grading factors are still susceptible to human discretion.

It is important to know just exactly what is in each bin and what you may potentially be offering as a sample, especially on a year like this where quality problems are sinister. Flaman Group of Companies offers a variety of different tools and equipment to make sure your sample is as accurate as possible this year. They offer Brass Grain Probes for obtaining samples, Hand Tester Sieve Kits for testing dockage, and even bug lights for checking for insects. Various Air/Screen machines, and even colour sorters can be purchased for an exceptional result.

Swing by your local Flaman location today and check out some of these great products.

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