Colour Sorters

Flaman Grain Systems has a variety of colour sorters to help you separate unwanted material, such as ergot from wheat.

Satake Optical Colour Sorters


Satake’s high capacity, cost-effective, full colour precision optical sorter series is ideal for bulk agricultural products such as wheat, lentils, peas, and other small grains. The RNEZS Series sorter is able to consistently and effectively sort these product types at high capacity-up to 3.5 tons per hour per chute-for common grains. Secondary and/or tertiary resort capability is also option if desired.


The RNEZS is powered by patent-pending Satake software assuring quick set-up and hassle-free operation. A simple user interface, similar to a smart phone or tablet with touch and flick operation., offers the operator quick adjustments to a number of settings and sensitivities.


The next step in the RNEZ series. This model is upgraded from the RNEZ with higher camera resolution, larger touch screen, option for 6 to 10 chutes, as well as shape sorting capability.

rnez series colour sorter
Full Colour RNEZS 2500 RNEZS 6500 RNEZX 4500 RNEZX 7500
Capacity 75-200 BU/HR 225-600 BU/HR ~600 BU/HR ~1000 BU/HR
Height 68.4" 68.4" 68.4" 68.4"
Width 54.2" 109" 81.7" 114.2"
Depth 64" 64" 64" 64"
Number of Ejectors 136 409 273 455
Chutes 3 9 6 10
Chute Width 220mm 220mm 224mm 224mm
Shape Capabilities N/A N/A INCLUDED INCLUDED

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mustard seed


durum wheat


rgbr colour sorter


Impurities such as glass, plastic, and stone which are invisible or have the same colour as the material cannot be detected with only a full colour CCD camera. The RGBR series has the ability to detect and sort these impurities with a high technology NIR camera inside.

Full Colour RGBR 3401
IR Capabilities
RGBR 5401
IR Capabilities
Capacity ~500 BU/HR ~900 BU/HR
Height 74.9" 74.9"
Width 62.2" 89.7"
Depth 61" 61"
Number of Ejectors 252 420
Chutes 3 5
Chute Width 336mm 336mm
Shape Capabilities INCLUDED INCLUDED
fms colour sorter


Modular design allows two units to be connected with one single interface. Shape sorting comes standard. The FMS-2000 is a portable, cost-effective, full colour RGB optical sorting machine for small and medium applications that is efficient in sorting 1-4000 lbs of product per hour. This sorting machine features two-view, high resolution full colour cameras, intuitive touch screen operator interface and compact design.

Full Colour FMS 2000
Capacity 60 BU/HR
Height 81.1"
Width 18.9"
Depth 49.6"
Number of Ejectors 48
Chutes 1
Chute Width 240mm
Shape Capabilities INCLUDED
Evolution series colour sorter


This full colour sorting machine uses 16 million colours, high-resolution cameras, and long-lasting LED lighting to detect and remove defects. This machine has the ability to see true colour and precisely sort a wide range of products, even those with small shade differences. Shape sorting is available.

Capacity 200-400 BU/HR 400-800 BU/HR
Height 80.9" 80.9"
Width 52.2" 64.5"
Depth 62.8" 62.8"
Number of Ejectors 92 184
Chutes 4 8
Chute Width 100mm 100mm
Shape Capabilities OPTION OPTION


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