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At Flaman Grain Systems, we carry a variety of grain analysis equipment – such as moisture meters and protein testers – to ensure the best quality grain possible. We sell and service most Perten grain analyzers, as well as the Labtronics 919 moisture tester.


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Using higher frequency, advanced computational power, USB data transfer, and the updated UGMA, the Perten Aquamatic 5200-A Grain Moisture Meter is designed for today’s grain trade.

The higher frequency measurement penetrates deeper into the grain providing improved results, while the improved mechanisms provide better repeatability, and the Unified Grain Moisture Algorithm (UGMA) provides a more accurate analysis regardless of temperature or crop type.

Together these features make the AM 5200-A the most accurate and repeatable moisture meter available...

Superior Accuracy: An accurate and repeatable analysis is obtained using a 150 MHz measurement cell made of robust, high-precision die-cast aluminum.
Rapid Analysis: The 5200-A model begins the analysis automatically after pouring in the sample, displaying results in 10 seconds. The 5200-Farm will display results in 25 seconds with the push of a button.
Easy to Use: The large colour touchscreen utilizes resistance technology and features an intuitive user interface that is easy to operate. Input sample IDs, view results on a remote screen, update with a USB, and more.


The Labtronics Model 919 Grain Moisture Tester has proven to be both durable and reliable in the agricultural industry. It features a 3.5” removable cell for fast, accurate, and easy grain testing...

Portable: Powered by two AA batteries and weighing only 9 lbs, you can easily take this portable unit wherever you need it.

Rapid: In less than 20 seconds, accurate readings for moisture, test weight, and temperature are presented on the display.

Easy to Use: Easy to Use: No sample weighing or volume measurement is required, just pour the sample to fill the hopper and pull the handle to start the analysis.


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Near-Infrared (NIR) grain testing has been a fixture at large elevators and grain processors for years. With the use of newly available technology, Perten designed the Inframatic 8800 Protein Tester specifically for on-the-farm conditions.

This analyzer is ideal for testing moisture, protein, and oil in your grain. It uses solid state components and diode array technology so there are no moving optical components. The lack of moving parts makes it rugged and robust, ensuring the instruments are accurate, repeatable, and reproducible...

GPS: Equipped with GPS so you can create protein maps of your field and make fast harvesting and bin decisions to manage your grain quality.
Protein Maps: Maximize your profit by identifying pockets of premium grain using protein maps to get the most value for your grain.
Portable: Compact and light enough to carry by hand, powered by 12V or a 2-hour battery, and can easily be transported for use in the field to determine optimal harvest time.


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The Perten Inframatic 9500 Protein Tester is the latest Inframatic model and offers the best accuracy available. It is reliable, robust, and built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations.

The IM 9500 analyzes a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, and oil in less than 30 seconds. It is more accurate and more stable over time, so it requires less maintenance than other analyzers. The large colour touchscreen features an intuitive menu that is easy to operate and simplifies the analysis results...

Test Weight Module: Can be equipped with a Test Weight Module that becomes an integrated part of the instrument.
Flour Module: Provides the added capability of measuring flour samples including moisture, ash, and protein.
Ticket Printer: Print results after each analysis directly from the machine using a rapid thermal ticket printer.
Single Block Optics: The monochromator is machined from a single block of metal, making the instrument less sensitive to vibration and changes in temperature and providing a more accurate analysis.


The Perten Falling Number method is a fast and easy test to determine alpha-amylase activity in order to detect sprout damage in both flour and meal of wheat, durum, rye, barley, and other grains and malted cereals. Sprout damage is caused by alpha-amylase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in grain that increases in concentration during wet harvests.

The Falling Number 1000 is an automatic dual sample analysis system designed for simple operation. It includes functions for registration of sample ID, calculation of moisture corrected sample weight, mean value calculation, moisture corrected results, altitude correction, and calculation of blends and malt addition...

Segregation: Save money by avoiding mixing sound and sprouted grain.
Blend Optimization: Blend grains or flours to create a product with specific characteristics.
Easy to Use: Automatic start and stop, as well as automated water level control, temperature, and atmospheric pressure sensing.

Recommended Accessories
Shakematic 1095: An automatic shaker for fast and uniform sample mixing.
Laboratory Mill 120 or 3100: Approved hammer mills for grain preparation.
Spolett 1010: Rapid cleaner for viscometer tubes.
Water Dispenser: Easily and accurately dispenses 25 ml of water.
Cooling Tower: Saves water by re-circulating cooling water.

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