Indent Shells

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Large inventory of indent shells

Indent shells are used for sizing length of product. We have most sizes in stock. We have a large inventory of both used and new shells for most types of indent grain cleaners.

Feature Highlights

Large Inventory

Various Sizes Available

Perten Aquamatic 5200-Farm Grain Moisture Meter

Perten Aquamatic 5200-Farm Grain Moisture Meter   Using higher frequency, advanced computational power, USB data transfer, and the updated UGMA, 5200-Farm Grain Moisture Meters are …

Flaman GCS Scalper

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Bench Grain Cleaner

Bench Grain Cleaner 500 BU/hr (wheat) Set up screenings intake and outtake augers Fully automated Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson for details.


Indent Shells


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