Rotary Screens

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Rotary screens built to order

Flaman Grain Cleaning carries various sizes of rotary screens for all types of rotary grain cleaners. These screens are built to order, to fit the drum size of your rotary cleaner. Suitable for all types of grain.

Feature Highlights

Made From Perforated Steel

Built to Order

Bench Portable Market Cleaner

Bench Portable Market Cleaner  54" x 108" Deck  4 Seperations  Primary Air  Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson for details.

Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner 772

Kwik Kleen grain cleaners assist farmers with the problems incurred while drying and storing grain. By removing fine materials prior to drying or storage, air can flow through the commodity more evenly and efficiently. This Kwik …

GCS Scalper 1000

GCS Scalper 1000 Comes with 3 screens Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson for details.


Rotary Screens


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