Woven Mesh Screens

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Get a longer screen life with woven mesh

Flaman Grain Cleaning offers woven mesh screens by special order only. We can make these screens in various sizes: the diameter of the wire and the opening between the wires is all custom braided based on our customers’ needs. You can choose the type of material as well – some examples include brass, stainless steel and carbon steel.

With woven mesh you get more open area and a longer screen life. These are typically used for fine seeds and very small seeds.

Feature Highlights

Clean Smaller Seeds

Custom Sizes

Extend Life of Screen

Bench Portable Market Cleaner

Bench Portable Market Cleaner  54" x 108" Deck  4 Seperations  Primary Air  Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson for details.

Bench Portable Grain Cleaner

Bench Portable Grain Cleaner Primary/Secondary Air  6" Screenings Auger  Screen Box  Intake/Outtake auger  Fully Contained  Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson …

Bench Premier Cleaner

Bench Premier Cleaner 54" x 72" Deck  Scalp Grade Sift  Length Separation  Primary and Secondary Air  Deliveries are available, ask your salesperson for details.


Woven Mesh Screens


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