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New Moosomin store open for business

Our new Moosomin store opened for business on December 18th. It was a big move from our old location, which was known in the community as basically just a rental store. We now have a full selection of parts, products and are able to offer a full service department to our customers.

Since we moved in our walk in traffic has increased. It's very exciting to meet new customers who are coming in now. December and January are typically slower months, so the interest in the new store has been a real positive. All of these new customers is getting us excited for spring when we have all the kinks worked out and will be running at full speed.

Many of the products we are selling have not been offered locally before. It feels good to be able to give people what they need in town. We are seeing a lot of activity with our ag products like grain bins, Wheatheart augers and grain carts.

Our fitness equipment moved in recently, which is very exciting because we will be the first fitness store in Moosomin. It surprised me how many people started calling for fitness equipment service as soon as we changed our name to Flaman. I ddn't realize there are that many people using Flaman Fitness in town!

We are having our grand opening celebration the week of April 23 - 26th. I am looking forward to the specials. barbeques and the ribbon cutting on Friday. It will be an exciting time to kick off the spring season!

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