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Reduce labour when filling bins: Automate your grain handling site with a Walinga Blower System

Walinga Pneumatic Blower System may be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can add to your Grain Handling lineup. The Ultra-Veyor is designed to fill bins of various heights and distances from the ground up, allowing you to easily add the system to any pre-existing site.

Walinga Sales Rep Doug Termeer explains how a blower system works

Many yard sites weren’t originally designed with the thought of adding a grain handling system or grain dryer down the line. As farms continue to grow, larger bins are being installed and grain storage is being built further and further away. The only way to hit all these bins of different sizes and distances economically is with a blower system. By allowing you to keep the current bins and other infrastructure you have already invested in, a Walinga Ultra-Veyor prevents you from having to redesign your entire yard site – saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Drone footage of a grain drying & grain handling setupA grain handling setup in Saskatchewan utilizing a Walinga blower system to reach bins of various heights

Walinga blower systems are also very flexible and expandable, so you don’t need to have your whole yard designed and planned out ahead of time. You can easily expand down the road as your business grows and you start to add more acres or dry more grain. These systems can be installed under driveways to reduce the risk of damaging any pipes as you load/unload trucks in your yard.

Walinga Blower system pipes

The Walinga Ultra-Veyor is also a great add-on to any grain dryer, especially continuous flow dryers like NECO. Automating your grain dryer and grain handling reduces the number of augers, legs, and additional trucking necessary to move grain around your yard. This maximizes accessibility to any drying or storage facility. Your grain can go straight from the dryer into the final storage bin, so you don’t have to move it around multiple times before you get it where you want it in the end. It’s faster, more efficient, and most importantly, safer.

NECO Grain Dryer feeding into a Walinga Ultra-Veyor system
A NECO Grain Dryer unloading into a Walinga system

With the Smart-Flo feature on your Walinga blower, you have the ability to control the airspeed which reduces unnecessary damage to product and piping. This Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) system monitors and adjusts motor speeds depending on crop type, volume of product, and distance – optimizing performance and reducing energy costs. The Smart-Flo system can also be wired into your continuous flow grain dryer to speed up and slow down as necessary.

Walinga Smart-Flo

A blower system is not only an economic and affordable solution for long-distance conveying, it is also simple to install and is gentle on product – moving grain virtually dust and damage-free. Walinga Ultra-Veyors can move anywhere from 400 bushels/hour to 2,100 bushels/ hour, depending on the size of your operation.

Hear first-hand how a Walinga Ultra-Veyor made a positive impact on this customer's operation

Want to invest in a Walinga Pneumatic Blower system and automate your grain handling site this year? Contact us to schedule a free, no-commitment site assessment today.

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