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Interview with Flaman Nisku's Shop Foreman, Jeff Luciow

-      I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff and ask him some questions about his job here at Flaman Nisku. Having only worked in the office side, I was curious to know how he ran his shop.

       What is your position at Flaman Nisku?
My official job title is Shop Foreman, but I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. I usually have my hand in everything that goes on in the shop and service bays. Some days I am a mediator, negotiator, conflict resolver, cat herder, welder, mechanic, comedian and a teacher. I wear many hats.

In the shop, what are some services that you offer that people might not know about?
We offer CVIP inspection as well as brake assembly replacement, welding services and trailer repairs.

Do you have any advice for possible customers in the Flaman Nisku shop? What can be done to make both of your lives easier when it comes to fixing their piece of equipment or trailer?
Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when booking appointments. Often times we are booking 2-3 weeks in advance and we want to make sure we make the repairs right the first time

How are you as a supervisor? What is your leadership approach?
Ultimately we are a team and that means we have to work together in a safe and courteous manner. I trust my team to do their work and get projects done on time. I am always around if they have any questions or if there are any issues. I don’t need to micromanage. The guys are all adults and I trust them.


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