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Disney's Approach To Quality Service

Flaman Welcomes Disney Institute to Saskatoon.

We aspire in the betterment of your staff, and our customers...

Disney's Approach To Quality Service

Flaman Welcomes Disney Institute to Saskatoon.

We aspire in the betterment of your staff, and our customers...

Interview with Flaman Nisku's Shop Foreman, Jeff Luciow

-      I had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff and ask him some questions about his job here at Flaman Nisku. Having only worked in the office side, I was curious to know how he ran his shop.

       What is your position at Flaman Nisku?
My official job title is Shop Foreman, but I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. I usually have my hand in everything that goes on in the shop and service bays. Some days I am a mediator, negotiator, conflict resolver, cat herder, welder, mechanic, comedian and a teacher. I wear many hats.

In the shop, what are some services that you offer that people might not know about?
We offer CVIP inspection as well as brake assembly replacement, welding services and trailer repairs.

Do you have any advice for possible customers in the Flaman Nisku shop? What can be done to make both of your lives easier when it comes to fixing their piece of equipment or trailer?
Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when booking appointments. Often times we are booking 2-3 weeks in advance and we want to make sure we make the repairs right the first time

How are you as a supervisor? What is your leadership approach?
Ultimately we are a team and that means we have to work together in a safe and courteous manner. I trust my team to do their work and get projects done on time. I am always around if they have any questions or if there are any issues. I don’t need to micromanage. The guys are all adults and I trust them.


Flaman Yard Safety

Summertime is fast approaching and the Flaman stores across the prairies are getting busy. Busy stores means a lot of product moving in and out of the Flaman yards. Safety is often a concept that moves to the back of our minds when we have stuff that we need to get done. That being said, it should always be top of our minds to prevent accidents and injuries in the work place.
- Safety in the Flaman yard is both the staff and the customer’s responsibility. Everyone wants to be safe.

- Yard staff driving around the yard and moving equipment and trailers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Make sure to look behind you when you’re backing up and always have a spotter walk with you if you can’t see all corners of the trailer.

- Sales staff need to be aware of moving vehicles in the yard when they are showing their customer products or walking from building to building. Look in both directions for moving vehicles and make sure to make eye contact with the driver before crossing in front.

- Shop staff need to make sure to communicate with other people in the shop to avoid surprises. Wear proper safety equipment including safety glasses and steel-toed shoes. Clean up spills and messes to avoid tripping or slipping. Use the proper tools to complete the job and take your time when using the tool too. Saving some time isn’t worth hurting yourself.

- Customers play a role as well. Although as a customer you usually are only in the Flaman yard for a short period of time, acting in a safe manner is important. Keep your head up when walking or driving in the yard. Drive at the posted speed limits and watch from staff members moving equipment. Do not drive in between trucks being unloaded and the machine that is unloading them. Drive safely around so that we can avoid any accidents.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility!...

Posted by Flaman on May 27, 2015 in Local News

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Frank Flaman Foundation 9th Annual Gala

The Westin in Edmonton on March 27th was definitely the place to be.  Flaman employees, corporate sponsors and many loyal supporters filled the Ballroom to take part in the 9th Annual Frank Flaman Foundation Gala. 
A huge congratulations to all of those who worked so hard to make this gala such a huge success.  What the Frank Flaman Foundation does, not only locally, but world wide is truly amazing.  From donating to local schools and charities to building schools in third world countries to teaching men, women and children to live more fulfilled lives are just a few of the wonderful things this foundation does.  But none of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of the many people who give countless hours to this foundation and what it stands for.
The evening began with cocktails at 6, entertainment to get everyone into a Hawaiian state of mind and a chance for all attendees to look over and start bidding on some amazing items on the silent auction tables.   Dinner was served by Westin staff;  we heard comments from  some of those involved in making the evening such a huge success, and, of course, we were privileged enough to hear a few words from Frank himself.  He commended his foundation workers for all of their many hours dedicated to his dream and let it be known that his main purpose was to make more money -- so that he could give more money away!   In the past 10 years the Frank Flaman Foundation has donated over $10,000,000.
Danny Hooper was our emcee for the evening, making sure everyone had a great time and lots of laughs.  A slide show of Frank and his family following the years was one of the highlights of the evening.   As well as Emcee, Danny also played the part of auctioneer with everything from sporting event tickets to a trip to Hawaii up for auction. 
Lewis Lavoie, an artist renowned for painting and donating a large portion of time and artwork for charity, painted a gorgeous picture on site, which was also auctioned during the live auction.

Myself, as well as all that I have spoken with who attended, agree that it was an amazing evening and we can’t wait for next year’s event. ...

Nisku's Own JP Blenke Featured in Edmonton Journal

 I am fortunate to get to work with an amazing group of people here at the Flaman Nisku store. We are all kind of like one big, crazy, supportive family. It makes coming to work everyday enjoyable because I know that at some point today I will get the chance to talk to one of my co-workers and learn something from them or share a laugh....

Flaman Dragon Slayers Rip Up the River!

I’m going to be honest, before this year, I had never really heard of the sport of Dragon Boating. But after competing in the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival this year, I wonder how I’d gone this long not knowing.
Dragon Boating is very much a team sport that requires commitment and comradery. Our Flaman team was called the Flaman Dragon Slayers and we started practicing in May as soon as the weather was warm enough. I was one of the eight first-timers in the boat this year, but that didn’t slow us down. All the veteran paddlers took us newbies under their wings and patiently showed us proper technique and timing. By the time the festival rolled around, I felt pretty confident.
However, that confidence was short lived come race day. It’s not that I wasn’t confident in our team, but the nerves that I had coursing through my body made me start to doubt myself. I had a giant knot in my stomach all morning. When we were sitting in the boat for the first race waiting for them to blow the start horn, I thought I was going to pass out. We were told to focus and keep our head in the boat. Ignore all the distractions; the crowd, the other boat and birds flying overhead. Just focus on your breathing. Listen for the commands. Wait…wait….and beep!
Once that horn blew, the 2:05 that it took us to finish, and win, the race went by so fast! It was over before I knew it. I will never forget that “high” from the first race. We may have only won our first race, but we set the 6th fastest time in the festival! We were in equal competition with some of the best teams in the city and other parts of Alberta. Each race we competed in gave me a huge surge of adrenaline and it stayed with me for the rest of the day.
We ended up finishing 6th overall, which is awesome for my first year. There was only one downside to the races, and that was the fact that they put a ramp and about 20 stairs at the end of the race that you have to climb up. The reason this sucks is because after the race, your body does not want to go up a ramp or stairs. All it wants to do is collapse with exhaustion. But, along the ramp there were tons of people congratulating and high fiving us on the way up, so that made the climb a little easier.
Everyone at the festival was so supportive of one another. There were congratulations and cheers after each race. This was another thing that made my experience so enjoyable.
I’m looking forward to paddling next year. I’ll be that much more skilled and know what to expect. If you ever get the opportunity to try Dragon Boating, or any new sport for that matter, I recommend trying it. Try something new. You’ll be glad you did. I’m glad I did J
“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older when you do.”- Warren Miller


The Face Behind Flaman Communications

Greetings to everyone Flaman! I wanted to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Erin Mitchell and I am the Marketing  and Communications Coordinator in Alberta (working out of our Nisku location). I have been working for Flaman since October 2013, but recently I have on taken on more communication roles within the company and wanted everyone to know who is behind many of Flaman’s communication channels.
Our Flaman Group of Companies Facebook page is just one of the areas that I have my hand in. I am striving to create and find interesting content for all of our staff, customers and fans to read.  I am trying to find content that is equally relevant across our whole company (all provinces and divisions). I am, however, not afraid to ask for help and/or feedback from people. If you are a Flaman customer and you had a good experience with our company and you love the product that you purchased from us, please let us know. Send us a picture of you and your purchase. If you are a staff member and you need help promoting an event that you are passionate about, or that you are participating in, feel free to let me know and I will post it up on our Facebook page. Send me pictures of what’s going on at your store. People love to read human-interest stories about members of our Flaman family.
The Flaman Content Emailer that is sent out every two weeks is also my doing. With this channel, I try and keep everyone informed with ‘What is Happening at Flaman?’ With this one as well, I am looking for feedback. If there is something that you want to see more of or less of, let me know. Getting feedback from people is the best way for me to know if what I am doing is working for everyone or what is not working.
For all you Flaman staff members, I am one of the people responsible for putting together the Flaman Link Newsletter and may have to bug some of you from time to time for your picture or an interview Just remember, it’s all in good fun and, I believe, that the newsletter is positively received by the people who read it.
Lastly, if anyone is interested in flexing their writing skills and writing a blog for us, that would be awesome! We are always looking for new authors that have different expertise and can share some of their knowledge with the rest of us. Just give me a heads up of what you are planning on writing (it will need to pertain to one of the divisions that Flaman has) and I will post it on our Flaman Blog page (which I encourage everyone to check out!)

My email address is erin.mitchell@flaman.com and I’m hoping that you guys will send me some interesting content, some new blog postings or even just a quick email to say “hi”. I want to meet as many of you as possible. Have a wonderful day! :) ...

Reflecting Back on the April 2014 Frank Flaman Foundation Guatemala Humanitarian Trip

 This blog was written with input from Brian Rask, Dave Schultz, Wayne Sumners and Barney Bartley all from our Prince Albert, SK location....

Seed of Hope

From April 20-28, 2014 a group of 16 Flaman staff/family and friends traveled to Guatemala where they helped dig ditches and build buildings for a village that the Frank Flaman Foundation has been working in for 8 years. Lorna Mutch is an employee at our Nisku store and she wanted to tell everyone about her amazing experience.
“Seed of Hope”
I had the opportunity and honor to go to Guatemala and was able to see, first hand, how a part of the money raised for charity by the foundation helps the people who truly need it.
We stayed in a town called Panajachel. It had the most breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding area. It was like looking at the blue green water, and as your eyes followed the water, it seemed like it took a path in between two volcanoes and kept right on going. It was so peaceful and relaxing to look at.
We took a boat over to Santiago and from there, worked our way to the village of Tzutijil where we would begin our adventure of working with the villagers and children. The boat ride was about 45 minutes and during this time, we went right between the two volcanoes. The sights of the small towns sitting on the edge of the lake to the houses nestled in the trees, the clear skies with the clouds so close you felt you could reach out and touch them made the boat journey seem faster than 45 min. It’s such a beautiful country; peaceful and calming.
When we got to the village, the people were so happy to see us and greeted us with much enthusiasm. I honestly have never in my lifetime seen such happy and friendly people. They made us feel like we were right at home and not so far away. The children were one of my most cherished memories. Even though they did not know us, and it was plain to see they did not have much in the way of material value, they were curious and funny. One little boy was very playful and played a joke on someone. It was very cute and even though there was a language barrier, he managed to make us laugh and it was a highlight of the day. It was amazing to see the looks on their faces as we encouraged them to read to us (which one little boy did in English). You could see the eagerness in their innocent faces as they showed us what they had learned. This was the building (school), which had been built in the past few years thanks in part to the foundation.
We worked for three days. It was hard work. We dug ditches so they could lay the foundation for the expansion of the building already there. The things we take for granted is just a part of their everyday living and I cannot imagine using the tools and resources in our country. We hand dug trenches 1-meter deep using shovels and garden hoes. I used the hoe mostly and can tell you it was definitely a challenge to keep the dirt on it. We mixed ingredients in a big trough by hand to make cement and then carried it in 5-gallon pails to pour. We built a stove by hand made out of brick and cement, which took 2 days. We made the cement on the ground. The common everyday things we use, they could never afford. It was the most gratifying and humbling experiences I have ever known. I would do it again in a heartbeat.
The adults and children would gather around to watch us. We had taken a few trinkets with us to give to them that cost us very little. The excitement was so evident on their faces. It was like watching children at Christmas opening their presents. We learned about the history of the town as well. This is just a small insight to what the trip was all about.
We met a man who grew up on the mountain and was trying to raise a family. His children have no education, not shoes-nothing. He told a story about someone who gave him the “Seed of Hope” and how it changed his life. When he told the story, I know that we, as part of the foundation, were giving these people a “Seed of Hope” as well as with all the hard work, dedication and help from each and every one of us that in the years to come, the seed that was planted, and all who contributed to the “Seed of Hope” will keep on growing.
This was a trip to cherish for a lifetime and if any of you have a chance; it is worth a million just for the experience and knowledge gained by doing so.

The 8th Annual Frank Flaman Foundation Gala: A Night of Glitz, Glamor and the Flaman Man!

This year, I had the opportunity to attend the 8th Annual Frank Flaman Foundation Gala and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a very glamorous event with lots of fancy outfits, really cool and unique prizes to bid on and even a Flaman Man ice sculpture! I myself “won” a lamp in the silent auction and I certainly had my eye on a couple other prizes as well.
When I was there, I could just feel the generosity in the air. People were well aware of the impact that the Frank Flaman Foundation has made in the lives of so many people all around the world. They knew what kind of man Frank is and all of the hard work that he has put in over the years to make every penny donated count. There were many different fun ways of donating money including the silent auction, the live auction and raffle tickets. Danny Hooper was the emcee for the evening and he sure kept the evening flowing smoothly.
As well as being able to attend the Gala, I also had the chance to help out with set up. For me, it’s always interesting and eye opening to see how much time and effort goes into putting on an event such as this one. Syndy Harriot and Dana Dutton put in an exorbitant amount of work into buying prizes, setting up the seating chart, designing and assembling centerpieces and so much more! I tip my hat to you ladies and all your hard work.

I really did enjoy myself that evening. I even managed to drag my boyfriend out on the dance floor for a couple of songs. The energy in the room was lively and happy. Flaman Man himself even made an appearance and I got the chance to get my picture taken with him! Dream come true as a Flaman employee! The Gala was once again a fantastic success! I am looking forward to attending next year’s. ...

Flaman Helps Taylor's Dream Come True

Taylor Layton doesn’t let the fact that she has Down Syndrome get in the way of her dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She started up her very own recycling company in her small town of Outlook, SK. Her business has flourished from 5 customers, to over 60!
Taylor recently entered a contest through the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program and won. She received $1000 in cash, mentoring, books and other resources to help better her company. She mentioned that she was going to use the money that she won to purchase a new trailer to help her haul all of her recycling.
Flaman Saskatoon saw her contest video submission and decided to step in and help. They donated a brand new trailer to her so that she could spend her prize money on something else for her business. Her reaction to the news was priceless. She also received a variety of pieces of jewelry from a Canadian jewelry company called Lia Sophia, which she absolutely loved!
Mitch Flaman was on hand in Saskatoon and was the one who delivered the good news to Taylor about us giving her the trailer. Here is what he had to say about the experience,
“I had a pretty good feeling that Taylor was going to be excited when we presented her with the trailer. Let's be honest, who wouldn't be stoked about receiving a free trailer. When we presented the trailer to Taylor and she ran up and hugged me, that was something else. To me we were giving someone a trailer. Nothing more, nothing less. A piece of our inventory that I see daily. To Taylor, we were giving her more than just a trailer. We were giving her the opportunity to expand her dream and see her business come full cycle. Without that hug, I don't know if I fully would have understood how much that trailer really meant to Taylor. That is when it became real special to me. I'm super pumped for Taylor and her family and hope nothing but the best for the future and the continued growth in making a "Greener Outlook"

Flaman is so happy that we could help Taylor out with her dream. Who knows how big her business is going to get. Great job Taylor, and keep up the good work ...

Keeping Things Fresh at the Frank Flaman Foundation

Spring is finally upon us and there is a buzz of change and enthusiasm in the air that always seems to come with the warmer temperatures!  Personally for me,  spring is a time of shaking off the slumber of winter, offering a fresh feeling of renewal and so much growth!  
At Flaman and with the Flaman Foundation, we’re very excited about the fresh new look of the website and the evolution we see taking place.   We want to make it easier for our customers, contacts and friends to catch a glimpse into what we’ve been doing to make the world better and brighter and invite you to get involved in any way you can!   The new Foundation website has a photo gallery of past humanitarian excursions.  Please take a look at the incredible experience of going on one of our humanitarian trips!  They have been life-changing and defining moments for many of the past participants! 
Also on the Foundation website you’ll find an amazing list of Sponsors and supporters of the Foundation.  We could not do the work we do without them and we are grateful for their continued support over the years.  One of my favourite quotes illustrates the importance of partnerships like the ones we have with these amazing sponsors.  “We are, each of us, angels with only one wing and it is only by embracing one another that we are able to fly.”  The new site also contains a list of Frank’s chosen charities that he’s currently spending a lot of time with.  These charities have been chosen because they fit the Foundation’s mandate of providing ‘basic necessities of life for children and families in need, locally and around the world’.  These charities are also chosen because they operate with fiscal responsibility, a strong work ethic and extreme focus on helping those in need. 
A few things that we have on the go within the Foundation are the upcoming Flaman Foundation Gala, taking place on March 28th, 2014 and also our next humanitarian trip to Guatemala, taking place on April 20-28th, 2014. 
There are still tickets available to attend the Gala.  If you would like to come, please contact Syndy at Flaman’s (780-955-3400 or syndy.harriott@flaman.com) for more information.
The humanitarian trip to Guatemala is full but we would like to plan another one within 2014.  If you are interested in coming, please contact Crystal at Crystal@inspiringsuccess.ca
As the snow begins to melt and the mud puddles get bigger, we look forward to more sunshine, longer days and continued opportunity to share our passion of helping our customers and making the biggest difference possible in the world around us, especially for those in need.  In the Foundation, we strive to make the greatest ripple effect by working together to throw that first pebble into the water.  We hope you will join us to see just how much of a difference we can make together! 

Flaman Serves Up Some Hot Lunch

Flaman's Erin Mitchell Volunteers at E4C School Lunch Program
Volunteering often means that you do something without expecting or receiving payment or compensation. Having done a fair bit of volunteering in my life, I believe that this is a false definition of the word. Every time I volunteer, I seem to gain something from the experience, and this time was no exception.
Recently, Flaman employees worked with E4Cs School Lunch Program and helped serve hot lunches to students in inner city schools. I was fortunate enough to get to participate in this, and the feelings of humbleness and pride in what we were helping with was overwhelming. After having gone through school every day as a child with food in my stomach, it was sad to see the faces of children who might just be eating for the first time that day.
My partner Braden and I arrived at the school and helped the staff prepare and serve the meals to the students. That day, the kids each received a scoop of a noodle/chicken dish, some orange slices and a container of milk. I can only speak from my own experience, but I loved talking to the children and seeing them smile. Many of them were quick to ask me who I was, what my nose ring was and why I was wearing a hair net.
According to the staff members of the program, the cost to feed a child in the School Lunch Program is $80/month, but they only ask parents to pay $30 (which most parents can’t afford).

The Frank Flaman Foundation contributes funds to this and many other charities locally, and around the world. As an employee, it’s great to see the change that our donations can make within the community. I got to sit and eat with the grade one students and the smiles on their faces put things into perspective for me. It makes me proud to work for a company that contributes to worthwhile causes. ...

Grow a Mo to Support Your Bros

Another fateful Movember is drawing to a close. I’m not sure if I will be sad or slightly relieved to see those moustaches shaved off. That being said, we had another very successful year here at Flaman. Many of our staff grew moustaches in support of Movember, and, with $100 per moustache donated by the company, we raised $11,000. Great job everyone!
Movember is all about raising awareness of men’s health issues. Men seem to be more reluctant to talk about health-related topics such as getting a yearly physical exam at their doctors or getting a prostate exam. But these are important tests that can detect cancer and other diseases early, which will mean a better chance of recovery.
The guys at Flaman use Movemeber as an opportunity to grow their best moustache and compete with their fellow co-workers. Our founder, Frank Flaman, even participated and grew himself a moustache as well. I have to say, my favorite moustache was “grown” by Zach Seely. The reason I use quotations around the word “grown” is because he decided to draw a moustache and goatee on his face in Sharpie. Now that’s commitment to the cause!
Last year we did things a little differently and collected donations from family, friends and even customers. We surpassed last year’s donation of $10,000. This year we had 110 employees participate. Our goal next year is to bump it up by another $1,000 and donate $12,000. I know we can do it because the employees here at Flaman are awesome and have impressive moustache-growing abilities.
Head over to our Facebook page and check out our photo album full of all our wonderful moustaches.


Download the new free Flaman Mobile App

Flaman is excited to announce the launch of our first mobile app!

We realize that a lot of our customers are coming to our website on their cell phones, and we wanted to make the mobile experience even easier for them. Simple download the free app and you can look for trailers or equipment, plus check out the lastest blogs, videos and downloads....

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, we've had about as much rain as a person needs for the rest of the year. It seems like it's been raining across the province non-stop for the last two weeks of June. We've seen an exceptional amount of flooding this year across western Canada, mainly in High River & Calgary Alberta, but the immense rain stretched and blanketed over Saskatchewan for almost the whole of the last two weeks of the month. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, most farmers are at least a couple of weeks behind due to the late thaw of the snow, but as it happened, the thaw occurred too fast and now we're left with all this water....

Medicine Hat celebrates its Grand Opening

On Wednesday May 8 Flaman Group of Companies in Medicine Hat held its grand opening to celebrate its new, larger location. We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather-wise, although this meant that most farmers were in the field and unable to attend....

Moosomin celebrates the opening of its new 16000 sq ft facility in a week long celebration

Open for two months, this new state of the art facility boasts a "rental drive thru bay" and a fully stocked 7000 sq ft showroom as well as a large service shop, wash bay and trailer set up bay....

Posted by Flaman on Apr 12, 2013 in Local News

Moosomin Store Gearing up for a Busy Spring

We have nicely settled into our new store located at 92 Cook Road in Moosomin. This is a great location as we have good visibility and access to the #1 Highway and easy access from all four directions in Southeast Saskatchewan....

Posted by Flaman on Mar 21, 2013 in Local News

New Moosomin store open for business

Our new Moosomin store opened for business on December 18th. It was a big move from our old location, which was known in the community as basically just a rental store. We now have a full selection of parts, products and are able to offer a full service department to our customers....

Flaman wins the ABEX for Marketing

We’re proud to announce that on October 20, Flaman Group of Companies was awarded the ABEX (Achievement for Business Excellence) Award for Marketing.  The ABEX Awards were handed out by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce at the Delta Hotel in Regina. ...

We're proud to be an ABEX finalist!

As a project manager for Flaman’s marketing team, I am proud and excited to announce we’ve once again been nominated for a Marketing Award. Flaman Group of Companies was named a finalist in the 2012 Achievement in Business Excellence (ABEX) Awards in the Marketing category.

Award Winning Customers

Good companies often win awards but what about their customers? Shouldn’t they be recognized? Are they not part of the reason for the award? At Flaman Group of Companies this year we have won two awards: Consumer Choice Award and SABEX Marketing Award....

Celebrating our marketing success

On May 17, I had the honour of attending the Saskatoon Awards for Business Excellence (SABEX) ceremony. Flaman was named a finalist in the Marketing award category. ...

Giving back to the community

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to your community? Then mark your calendar and get your ticket for the 6th annual Frank Flaman Foundation Gala on March 30, 2012. ...

Congrats to the winners of Stuck in the Muck!

Some lucky Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba producers have turned a frustrating wet season into a winning situation.

The winners of the Great Stuck in the Muck Photo Contest have been determined by your votes! The winners of a new 50 foot tow rope are:...

Flaman organizes supply drive for Thailand

Steve Flaman has started a supply drive in Prince Albert to fill a cargo shipping container with items to send to refugees in Thailand.

Steve and his wife Denise travelled to Mae Sot, Thailand this past November with P.A.-based Global Neighbours to distribute relief supplies to refugees from Myanmar, also called Burma. Hundreds of thousands of people are squatting in Thailand in refugee camps after fleeing their country because of the military junta in power and more than 20 years of violence.
“These people have nothing. They’re just trying to make some money to get food,” says Steve. “We went to a lot of villages where people literally had all the items they owned in a plastic bag.”
Global Neighbours makes three-to-four trips a year to Thailand to distribute supplies. They own a warehouse in Mae Sot, where they sort and organize the items, then take them by truck to villages or camps in need.
Steve says after he got back home to Prince Albert, he started thinking immediately about when and how they could get more supplies back there. “There’s so many things here we take for granted,” he says. “And there’s so much need there.”
Steve realized it would take only about 100 people to fill a container with supplies, so he organized a supply drive. The container is already 25 per cent full, and he thinks they could ship by the end of February. Global Neighbours will be delivering the items in Thailand.
If you’d like to drop of items, distribution centres have been set up around Prince Albert at Flaman Sales, Canadian Tire, Midtown Transmission, Truck Outfitters and Econo Lumber. Items that are needed include: blankets, towels, hand tools, soap, shampoo, school supplies, pots and pans, sewing supplies, light jackets, backpacks and bikes.

Consumer Choice Awards

On June 20th, Flaman Rentals was the recipient of a Consumer Choice Award in the Equipment Rentals Category at the 2010 Consumer Choice Award Gala in Saskatoon. ...

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